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At OPEX South Lake, we challenge your beliefs and help you re-think what's possible. We encourage you to embrace where you are, while engaging in growth relationships. Commit to the journey. Be resilient. Live a LARGER LIFE!


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    .At OPEX Concord, our personalized coaching membership is the best way to not only meet but exceed your fitness goals!  You will have daily support from your own dedicated Coach who provides you wi...

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Whether you are looking for energy to play with your children, want to compete in your chosen sport, or looking for consistency in your fitness program, we are here to guide and support you to reach your goals.

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One of the most important aspects of a client's long term results is that they make tangible progress in areas of their lives that they prioritize. At OPEX South Lake we have the ability to design YOUR path to get there!

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Maryanne Sivers
Maryanne Sivers

It is a lot easier to be motivated when every time I step into the gym, it is all about me and what I’m working on achieving, not just a random workout thrown up on the board for a bunch of people....

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Sun Makachinas
Sun Makachinas

I have been training with coach Alfred since July and I can say that I am at the healthiest and the strongest I have ever been. I love the fact that I can talk to my coaches freely about my goals t...

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Kathleen Theiss
Kathleen Theiss

You will not find a better personal training gym! The support and incredible coaching that you’ll receive at OPEX is priceless. I am incredibly thankful that I found OPEX in Concord!

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Our thoughts on fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles

Pros Of Using a Meal Prep Service

Pros Of Using a Meal Prep Service

The most challenging part about staying consistent with your nutrition and getting the best foods possible during a busy day is having the food available exactly when you need it.  In fact being able to prepare quality meals is one of our Basic Nutrition Skills that we spoke about in last weeks post.  This doesn't always mean that you need to be a master home cook to get the right amount of macro-nutrients so you can land on your numbers, this just means that you have to know what's going to work best for you when you are getting your food prepared for the day/week.   This is where meal prep services come in.  There are a bunch to choose from so I recommend a good local google search if you are looking to get started.  Here are some of the pros of a Meal Prep Service.  

How To Make Better Food Choices

How To Make Better Food Choices

The biggest struggle you may find yourself experiencing is how to keep yourself from emptying your pantry every time you walk past it.  When you're working or it's not at the top of your mind it was easy to moderate how many times you got that extra little snack.  Now, it's different. You have no where you can go for at least a long period of time and your days start to look the same no with the same kind of activity or lack thereof. 

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