Alfred Wilson

Alfred Wilson

Alfred Wilson is from Chattanooga, TN and made his way to North Carolina through the Army serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.  Alfred began CrossFit Training in 2007 following the daily blog.  Looking to supplement the daily physical training he did in the Army.  “CrossFit was new and different at the time and familiar for the type of workouts I was used to between Track and Field and the Military.  As an Instructor in the Military Alfred developed great communication skills along with knowledge of exercise selection that worked perfectly in a Personal Training and Group Setting.  Alfred is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and became involved with OPEX in 2010 following their Big Dawgs Blog before coaching exclusively CrossFit Group Classes.

Alfred’s Fitness Coaching Journey began with Personal Training with Friends, Family and in Small Groups.  He also has coached CrossFit and individuals Online.  Alfred has knowledge in Anatomy & Physiology, Fitness Program Design, Nutrition, and Assessment.  He is also a Nationally and State Certified Emergency Medical Technician which he hopes to help bridge the gap between the health care and fitness industry to provide his clients with sustainable long term progress.  

Professional Accomplishments & Certifications:

OPEX Level 1 Coach (Assesment, Program Design, Nutrition)


CF-Level 1

American Heart Association CPR Certified

National & State Certified Paramedic

10 Years U.S Army

8 Year U.S. Air Force Reserves

On-line and On-Site Coach for multiple individuals with varying goals and sports

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