Cole Campbell

Cole Campbell

Cole Campbell is a North Carolina native, having lived most his life in Salisbury and currently lives in Mooresville.  Cole began “training” when he started playing sports at 5 years old, and played soccer, basketball, and track all through school.  That training of course evolved as he got older, and became more and more geared to getting stronger and faster for sports. Then after sports ended, Cole continued his fitness and started playing a lot of golf and doing a lot of cycling, so his strength and conditioning started being geared more towards them.  As a competitive cyclist, he worked his way up to a Cat 3 racer in 3 years of racing, and a lot of that was due to his knowledge/experimenting with fitness.

After children came into the picture, Cole didn’t quite have the time to continue racing, so he decided it was time to really extend his knowledge of fitness and eventually decided to go through the OPEX CCP program.  He has used his knowledge with a lot of family and friends, and personal clients and is looking forward to helping out as many people as he can achieve their fitness goals.

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